Why Choose Us?

At BackThatUp, we believe we can offer something different from your everyday backup provider, and this is why…

Outsourced online backup is 30% cheaper than tape drives, or managing the services in house (Boston Consulting Group 2011).

Online Backup Saves You Money

By allowing us to take control of your backup you save money on replacing tape drives, expensive SAN boxes, or for larger businesses, investing in their own datacentres.

Peace of mind

Gone are the days of changing tape drives, or remembering to plug in the portable hard drive or flash drive before you leave the office. Gone are the days of remembering the morning after, that you forgot to back up your data the night before. Protecting your data no longer needs to be an afterthought. With a fully automated, offsite backup solution you can schedule the backup to take place as often or as little as you want. More importantly, should you have a power outage, system crash, virus, natural disaster or criminal act, you can revert back to any chosen point in the past to restore your data.


Cut out the middle men

Generally in business, the further down the supply chain you are, the higher the price you pay, as each link in the chain adds their own costs, and thus their own profit margins onto the end user. Imagine for example the price of a cup of coffee from a local cafe compared to the country from which they import their coffee beans. We have the advantage of being at the top of our supply chain, which means we can pass our savings on to our customers. Save money by diverting away from resellers and going straight to the top of the chain, where the best prices can be found.
At BackThatUp we own the hardware, we own the servers. Everything you need for efficient data backup is provided right here by people with industry qualifications to do so.

Trained Professionals

Have you ever suffered from data loss before? You should know that at times, even the most perfectly designed systems come under threat, and at this point you need expert help. All our IT staff are trained in various areas, from programming and web design, to repair and maintenance. We are fully accredited with Cisco, Zen and Microsoft which means our staff have direct expertise in solving the problems your business may face on a day to day business.


No hidden charges

With BackThatUp, what you see is what you get. We offer our monthly rolling contract because we are ultimately very confident in our levels of service and customer satisfaction, and wish to add more flexibility to the consumer relationship. We charge a flat rate per Gigabyte of storage used, there are no installation fees, we will not charge you for a seed upload of your data, we do not charge you for the number of users you have and we do not charge extra for server modules such as Exchange and SQL.

Over 10 years Experience

Remember the millennium bug? The chaos caused by a now seemingly insignificant event was something to behold. Feel free to ask any other companies you encounter in your search how many years they have been providing this service. Ask them if they were around when this market was first conceptualised and taken from tape, to hard drive, all the way the the cloud based solutions we offer today. We are hugely proud of our experience in this market, as we have found over the years, once you have had to adapt to a new marketplace, varying customer needs and circumstances, it becomes much easier to do so in the future.