Where is the Cloud?

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‘Here it is, welcome to the Cloud!’ ‘Behold! The awe-inspiring power of the Cloud! Crafted out of nothing by an anonymous team of IT brains in a space age research facility in Area 51.1’. Cloud computing, ‘the Cloud’, Cloud solutions, sometimes it makes you feel like the whole IT world has drifted off into fantasy, with their head in the clouds, excuse the shameless pun. One question remains, where in fact is the cloud? First however, a little background information on how the name came about.

The term ‘The Cloud’ came from technical discussions and process diagrams in IT offices, just like the one you’re sitting in now. It was used to generalise the Internet as a whole, to avoid having to describe the Internet in its full complexity. The Cloud itself represents a computing resource of great usefulness and complexity. It’s the equivalent of giving a name to the Universe, as opposed to naming all of its galaxies.

Contrary to popular belief, the Cloud is not an imaginary storage place where data floats around aimlessly on the Internet, it is much easier to imagine in fact. The truth of the matter is the Cloud is wherever you want it to be. The Cloud could just as easily be in someone’s bedroom on a desktop PC, which presents huge dangers for the average consumer, especially when it comes to data security.

Technologically minded individuals (IT people for most of us) will explain that it doesn’t matter where the Cloud is, as the combined power of it means anyone, from anywhere can access it. Google for example have over 7,000 data centres worldwide, controlling their servers for Google search, to Gmail and other web based applications. However, can you honestly say your company has the resources and expertise to run your own datacentre?

Therefore, what does this mean to companies smaller than Google, which make up the vast remainder of companies worldwide? These datacentres, or ‘server farms’ represent the world’s largest collection of data, which is why security is paramount. At BackThatUp, we are proud to say that our data centre is unrivalled in terms of protecting what’s important to your company. Our datacentre is located in Manchester, in the middle of a national hub for communications networks. It provides 256-bit encryption for top quality security and anonymity, hot/cold aisle air conditioning for maximum performance, and generators with 2 weeks worth of fuel for ultimate durability.

This however is simply one string to our bow. To find out how we can protect you from the storm when the clouds part and the rain pours, visit www.backthatup.co.uk.

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