Risks of Cloud Downtime

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Cloud downtime has cost more than £45 million since 2007

Despite many companies now seeing cloud as the way forward due to cost & time savings with virtualization and automation. There are pitfalls which organisations should be made aware of when considering their IT infrastructure.

A total of 568 hours of downtime at 13 well-known cloud services since 2007 had an economic impact of more than $71.7 million (£45.8 million), according to the International Working Group on Cloud Computing Resiliency (June 2012).

The average unavailability of cloud services is 7.5 hours per year, amounting to an availability rate of 99.9%, according to the group’s preliminary results. “It is extremely far from the expected reliability of mission critical system (99.999%).

As a comparison, the service average unavailability for electricity in a modern capital is less than 15 minutes per year,” the researchers noted in their paper.

As cloud services appeal more and more to government agencies and global businesses, it becomes more important that the provided services are reliable, especially when the systems are mission critical, the researchers said. The lack of cloud reliability is not commonly known by the industry, they added.

Their research is based on press reports of cloud outages at services like Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and Paypal, among others.

Besides the economic impacts (costs to your business, lack of productivity, negative effects on reputation) the downtime that sometimes can last for days or even a week can affect millions of users.

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