Online Backup

Secure Online Backup

We provide premium quality Secure Online business Backup. Our Backup is offsite, user friendly and completely removes the human error element of keeping your business’ data safe.

Join the thousands of businesses that already use a reliable, secure and fully-supported service like this from only £10 per month.

Unlike most online backup providers, our business package includes the backup agents for Microsoft Exchange, SQL, Mysql, VMWare, Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino at no extra charge.


Forget remembering to change the Tape

Thanks to high speed internet connectivity and secure data silos you no longer have to worry about if someone has changed the backup tape, and you won’t miss the expense of having to upgrade/replace costly backup drives, backup tapes and backup software.

Cloud based backup is a small application that is installed on your server, desktop or laptop and automatically backs up all your critical data to secure datacenters.


Benefits of Cloud Based Backup Solution

  • Runs by itself and is simple to use.
  • After every backup, all major systems can be PRE-RESTORED into their own virtual environment(s) and are left in a ready to run state with a copy of the latest Data.
  • In the event of a server failure, you simply switch on the Pre-Recovered server, which completely and immediately replaces the failed system. This means that everything is back online straight away minimising business disruption and cost.
  • Pre-Restoration can be replicated offsite for complete Disaster Recovery.
  • We combine Disaster Recovery, Backup, Archiving and Data Compliance into ONE simple to manage and low cost solution.
  • Restores are instantaneously initiated, always accessible and run at LAN speed.
  • Available as either a fully managed Cloud based service, or as a customer premises based system.
  • Automated, policy based archiving assists with your Data retention requirements.
  • Unique technology allows very large files to be backed up over your existing broadband connections.
  • No tapes to buy or manage.

The Packages

We have a number of bundles that can meet your requirments from ready to go “live copy” of servers to the standard file recovery, we can also provide a NAS box so you backups are readliy available.

The Contract

So confident are we about our service that we offer a monthly rolling contract. If you wish to remove our service, just give us 7 days notice before your next billing date and thats it, 30 days later your data will be purged from our server.

The Service is run and maintained by Manchester IT Services, a Microsoft Silver Partner. For more information about Manchester IT And our services then please visit our web site at