Industries to Benefit from Cloud Infrastructure

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Top Industries To Benefit From Cloud Applications’ Adoption

Cloud services are now a reality to be taken into account by any organization, and the trend is upwards in both capability and coverage. The top five industries to widely adopt cloud services are, according to a recent US study, IT and technology, Education, Manufacturing, Business and professional services, and government.

How can these industries benefit specifically from cloud based integration?


Cloud-based tools will allow the educational system to increase efficiency across nationwide networks. Students will be able to attend classes regardless of geographical location. Cloud applications will facilitate improved collaboration between team members and knowledge sharing. Access to latest technologies will be affordable for most educational institutions, not only top universities. With heavy investment from the UK government promised, despite hard times for much of the private sector, schools, colleges and universities should have funds available to them over the next 12 months.


Cloud computing will enable the manufacturing industry to avoid the numerous technical and business issues that can occur while running their own data centers and save money by only paying for what they use and when they use it. They will no longer have to pay additional costs for managing their own data centers. Cloud computing permits manufacturing companies to use remote, large Internet server farms in the same manner as if they belonged to their own company.

Using the combination of the three core components of cloud environments, Infrastructure, Platform and finally Software, manufacturers are now able to establish a presence in virtually any location around the world. By having this in place manufacturers can connect new locations to pre-existing IT infrastructures and dramatically reduce lead time when expanding to new sites.

Travel and Hospitality:

Cloud computing will allow people to manage booking a flight, renting a car and staying in a hotel room and also to register these transactions directly to their company’s accounting systems for payment. And all these without using paper.

Consumers will no longer need to engage with airlines and travel services companies separately, as they will have the possibility to engage all these as part of the same transaction. Imagine the cost savings that companies could envisage through these methods. Will this in turn have an effect on markets quite literally ‘fuelled’ by the travel industry and bring about a reduce in flight costs?

Health Industry:

Cloud services could substantially improve the vast and fragmented environment the health industry is, which includes patients, insurance companies, hospitals, laboratories, physicians and so on. In the UK in recent years, the NHS has come under fire for inefficiency and polarisation.

The benefits of the cloud in the health industry are endless. Cloud computing solutions facilitate easier update and higher quality patient data, and enable better consumer lifestyle choices, allowing patients to be better informed and more involved in choosing a particular course of treatment.

Without a doubt, the benefits of cloud computing and cloud applications are endless, regardless of the industry we are talking about. The only problem that remains is for the organizations/ institutions to choose the solutions that best fit the business and the patients.

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