Online Backup – How it Works

Enjoy the Benefits of
Hassle Free, Secure Business Backup with BackThatUp

Easy to setup

Our online backup software is easy to install and set up, and can be done with as little as a few clicks.

As well as this, our UK based support staff are happy to help answer any questions, and can even remotely install the online backup software for you if you prefer.


Maintain Complete Control

Once set up, online backups run silently in the background, and can be scheduled or set to monitor any new files you create or change. You never have to worry about forgetting to change tapes, or worry about taking a hard-drive home with you. Online Backups are fast – after the initial full backup is complete, only the new changes made have to be backed up again.

Complete peace of mind

Your critical business data is one of your most important assets, so it pays to look after it. Our easy to use online business backup service makes sure that you are protected from any data loss. In the event of a server crash, or if equipment is stolen, or even in the most severe catastrophe such as an office fire, you can rest easy knowing that an up to date copy of all of your files, databases and emails can always be recovered.


No hidden costs

The price you pay is set out clearly. There is no additional hardware to buy and our online backup software makes use of your existing broadband connection which transfers your encrypted files into our secure data centre facilities.

Taylored to work with your existing system

To make your life easier, you can use our online backup service across all of your IT equipment. Our software supports Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, Unix & Novel Netware operating systems, a wide variety of database and mail server software including MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, MS Exchange, Lotus Notes & Domino, Oracle.


High security data encryption

Your data is compressed and encrypted before it even leaves your computer with 256-Bit AES encryption, so nobody can get at your data without your unique key. Our data centre facilities also boast round the clock on-site staff, biometric access controls and constantly monitored CCTV and security systems.

Dissecting our servers

Deep in the bowels of our Datacentre, or ‘server hotel’, we have a complex system of disk protection, featuring a RAID-5 disk array with a hot spare. What this means is that your data is spread across several separate disks, which each carry enough data to replicate & recover in case of data loss or complete failure on one disk. Additionally we have a ‘hot spare’ running in tandem with this array, which means should there be a disk failure, we significantly reduce the down time associated with restoring the system to a fully operational state.
If this sounds all to much to handle, don’t worry, our team of highly trained professionals carry the responsibility for this. view more details of our super-modern, secure datacentre