About Us

At BackThatUp, our business is IT.

Whether your business is large or small, if your existing IT has become a barrier or you need to accommodate new requirements we can help you find the right answers.

We focus on small business server, networking, infrastructure, multi-site connectivity and IT director services with certified expertise in Microsoft Server, Exchange server and Small Business Server.

Our desire is to create the best possible relationship with you for the future

We believe that the best way to be sure that your data is safe with an online backup solution is to build trust with the business backup supplier. We aim to to provide this trust with the following aims:

  • A flexible service that can be tailored to your precise needs – this covers items such as: IT located at directors’ homes and a service that can provided out of hours
  • Comprehensive and up to date advice on new products and solutions that can enhance your business – taking the time to understand your individual requirements and applying technology to enable your business
  • Strong communication skills – solving your IT problems is not just about having sound technical knowledge, communicating actions and building the relationship is central to our service and a key factor in our success
Delivering quality, reliability & security, wherever and whenever, with the proximity & friendliness of a growing organisation

The online business backup solution provided by BackThatUp.co.uk originated through parent company www.manchesterIT.com

Manchester IT started as a small local company which quickly started building close relationships with clients from the local and surrounding areas. These relationships soon blossomed and the company soon became trusted on a national level


this success and continued growth, we have always maintained our belief that successful business relationships are built on trust and we endeavour whenever we can to continue to improve these relationships by providing the best service possible when it is needed most with;

  • Staff members available for contact at all times
  • Staff who have experience in working with a variety of organisations and situations
  • Staff with continually improved knowledge of industry trends