Cloud Services as a Utility…

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By allowing companies to remove the initial capital expenditure and day to day management of hardware and software, cloud computing has generated a phenomenal amount of publicity globally. Services are now available as an on-demand, metered computing solution, charged on a consumption basis. The business model has drawn comparisons with gas, water and electricity, what we think of as the more traditional public utilities. However, to what extent are these actually valid? The market for utilities has undergone quite drastic change over the last decade – services are as always widely...

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Technology is King

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5 ways to save money on cloud computing services… and why technology is King For many companies nowadays, from sole traders & SME’s to multi-nationals, the increasing burden of the global financial crisis has spoken the same single word (except for banks, which seem to have nine lives, valued at about £100 billion a pop). This word is cost, the evil half of the parents who produced Profit. As employees batten down the hatches to ride out the financial storm (and ensuing chaos), the captain of the ship is left strapped to the helm picking the best route from a selection of bad...

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Industries to Benefit from Cloud Infrastructure

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Top Industries To Benefit From Cloud Applications’ Adoption Cloud services are now a reality to be taken into account by any organization, and the trend is upwards in both capability and coverage. The top five industries to widely adopt cloud services are, according to a recent US study, IT and technology, Education, Manufacturing, Business and professional services, and government. How can these industries benefit specifically from cloud based integration? Education: Cloud-based tools will allow the educational system to increase efficiency across nationwide networks. Students will be...

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Risks of Cloud Downtime

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Cloud downtime has cost more than £45 million since 2007 Despite many companies now seeing cloud as the way forward due to cost & time savings with virtualization and automation. There are pitfalls which organisations should be made aware of when considering their IT infrastructure. A total of 568 hours of downtime at 13 well-known cloud services since 2007 had an economic impact of more than $71.7 million (£45.8 million), according to the International Working Group on Cloud Computing Resiliency (June 2012). The average unavailability of cloud services is 7.5 hours per year, amounting...

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Where is the Cloud?

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‘Here it is, welcome to the Cloud!’ ‘Behold! The awe-inspiring power of the Cloud! Crafted out of nothing by an anonymous team of IT brains in a space age research facility in Area 51.1’. Cloud computing, ‘the Cloud’, Cloud solutions, sometimes it makes you feel like the whole IT world has drifted off into fantasy, with their head in the clouds, excuse the shameless pun. One question remains, where in fact is the cloud? First however, a little background information on how the name came about. The term ‘The Cloud’ came from technical discussions and process diagrams in IT...

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