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Future Offices – 2032 A Workspace Oddysey

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“For decades, the notion of going to work meant a person being assigned a little space inside of a large building in some pre-determined location” (BBC News) Since the arrival of terms such as virtual desktops, VPN, remote access, Virtualisation, smartphones, tablets etc. into the workplace, technology has provided workers the freedom to choose when, where and how to work. Existing Effects Well, it appears the ‘green revolution’ has a lot to thank for technological advances in the last decade. Apparently, owning smartphones or laptops and having the ability to access your workspace...

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Global recession means cheaper IT for small business

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According to Computer Weekly magazine this month, ‘Cloud Computing is an increasingly significant segment of the IT outsourcing sector’, which to us shows a concern by the editors of a movement away from heavy initial investment, towards the more cost effective solutions presented by outsourcing. At the moment, the cloud represents a small fraction of the market for outsourced IT, with a $5bn share of a $140bn global market (Geitner 2012). However, the same figures also show that the cloud outsourcing market grew 48% last year, compared with 2% and 1% for application and datacentre...

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3 steps for moving away from tape backup

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Annual data backup growth rates of 60% are meaning that tape infrastructures are carrying an ever-increasing burden, which looks only to create more problems for businesses as time goes by. In the same way that DVD’s and CD’s have replaced VHS and Cassette Tapes, virtual data protection products will soon replace tape backup. Technologies such as differential and incremental  backups are saving both time and money for companies looking to strengthen their business against the threats of malware, theft, power cuts and human error.The following is a simple 3-step guide for making the...

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Cloud Services as a Utility…

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By allowing companies to remove the initial capital expenditure and day to day management of hardware and software, cloud computing has generated a phenomenal amount of publicity globally. Services are now available as an on-demand, metered computing solution, charged on a consumption basis. The business model has drawn comparisons with gas, water and electricity, what we think of as the more traditional public utilities. However, to what extent are these actually valid? The market for utilities has undergone quite drastic change over the last decade – services are as always widely...

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Technology is King

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5 ways to save money on cloud computing services… and why technology is King For many companies nowadays, from sole traders & SME’s to multi-nationals, the increasing burden of the global financial crisis has spoken the same single word (except for banks, which seem to have nine lives, valued at about £100 billion a pop). This word is cost, the evil half of the parents who produced Profit. As employees batten down the hatches to ride out the financial storm (and ensuing chaos), the captain of the ship is left strapped to the helm picking the best route from a selection of bad...

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